Do Rats Come Out in the Fall? How Do I Know if I have a Rat Infestation in Balcones Heights, TX?

Are you questioning if you have rats in your house? you do not want to experience lying in bed and hearing rodents running around in your attic or walls. Or sitting down to watch a show at night and you see a rat running across your floor. Not only is it startling, but it is very unhealthy to have rats and rodents in your home. You may notice more rats coming into your home in the fall. If you were questioning if you have rodents in your home here are some signs that can help you detect if you have rats in your home.

Rat Droppings

Seeing rat droppings is a very common sign that you have rats. They love to go into the kitchen to search for food, they will make any type of food a meal. You want to pay attention in the kitchen, especially in your pantry, cupboards, or anywhere else where there may be food. Be careful when you are cleaning up rodent droppings because rats can carry many different diseases.

Scratching Noises

If you are hearing any scratching, scurrying, rustling or creaky noises don’t ignore it. Rats are excellent climbers and are nocturnal animals, so they do most of their activities at night. This means you may not always see the rats in your house, but you may hear them at night. Rat noises can be in your walls, attic, or across your floor.

Rat Nests

Rats like to make their nests out of soft materials, such as insulation, cardboard, paper, and other soft materials. If you have noticed that soft materials are being destroyed in your home and leaving a mess around your home or office, then there is a good chance that you have rats in your home.

Rat Holes & Tunnels

Rats dig to make holes and tunnels so they can use them as storage, nesting, and hide their food away. If you have holes around or near the foundation of your home then you need to get it sealed up because rats will get into your home through the holes that they have dug and if there is an easy entrance through a hole then they will use it.

Rodent Gnaw Marks

If your home has wooden baseboards outside and not brick, then it is easy for the rats to get through and get into your home. It is important to inspect your home for any gnaw marks. Once the rats get into a home, they will begin chewing. They will even chew on the wires which increases house fires. Once you notice there are gnaw marks you will want to get rid of these rats. If not, they will continue to damage your home.

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Yes, rats can leave droppings, make nests, and holes in your house, and leave gnaw marks everywhere. Rats are not good to have in your home or on your property. The good news is, if you have rats on your property or in your home, then give A Five Star Termite & Pest Control a call. We will come and get rid of those rats or any other rodent problem you may be having, and keep them from coming back.

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