Do Mosquitoes Bite, Sting or Drink Blood in Converse, TX? Mosquito Fogging Services Keep Them Away!

There are some pests that really earn the name of pest. They are annoying and can be around when you least want to see them. When it comes to mosquitoes most people consider them a real pest that are very problematic for a few reasons. One is that they start to swarm around the same time of year that people love to be outdoors. That means in the spring and summer you are out enjoying your days and nights but so are all the mosquitoes. When you come in at the end of the night you might start to notice tiny bumps appear that are itchy and red. These are the bites that mosquitoes tend to be known for. Mosquito bites are usually hard to know they are happening but are very irritating after the fact. Why are mosquito bites so annoying you might be wondering. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines whether mosquitoes bite or sting.

Mosquito Bites or Stings?

When it comes to pests most of them either sting or bite. We all know that bees will sting and mice would bite but what does a mosquito do? The interesting thing is that they actually do not technically do either. They do not traditionally bite but they also don’t sting either. They have a long proboscis that is like a long needle. It has a hollow tube that is used to suck blood from the person that they land on. This is why it is not a sting but it is also why it is not a bite. They are not clamping down on anything and are simply inserting their proboscis into your skin so they can find access to a blood source. Most people will still call the reaction from this a bite which is a way to describe it. When you are attacked by a mosquito it will leave a red irritated bump.

Why Do Mosquitoes Drink Blood?

Since there is not a term that is used for what a mosquito does we will continue to use the common term which is a mosquito bite. The mosquito is looking for a blood source but not all mosquitoes just the females. The females need to have access to the protein that is in the blood to create the eggs that they need to lay. They insert their proboscis into your skin and move it around until they find blood. They then remove what they need and they have a way to extract the protein that they need. This is why in the spring and summer they are very active because they are trying to procreate.

Are Bites from an Infected Mosquito Dangerous?

When it comes to mosquitoes they are on the list of bites that can be dangerous. The problem is that they are known to carry disease with them and they can infect the host that they choose to bite. The way that it is transferred to a person is their saliva is carrying disease from a previous host that they will pass to you when they bite. It is best to have a plan to control the mosquitoes around your home.

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