Do Insects Prefer Wet or Dry Environments in Garden Ridge, TX? Are Pests Attracted to Rain?

The weather is constantly changing from cold to hot throughout the year. Although the temperature is a change in weather that most people keep an eye on there is much more to consider. The weather is not just about temperature although that does play a big part. Depending if the temperature is cold or hot you may notice different kinds of pests. That can be due to the things they want to eat or the weather they are apt to survive in. The other types of weather that many people are dealing with can also change what happens to pests. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines the different types of weather conditions and what it means to the pests around you.

Does Cold Weather Keep Bugs Away?

The weather outside in the winter is fairly cold. That means that your home is nice and warm. That is a perfect atmosphere for pests to thrive in. Pests that are not accustomed to cold weather find a place indoors to nest and find food. When the weather is cold out there are many pests that are not able to live and they will go and hibernate. That does not mean that all pests disappear. There are many pests that live in the winter and continue to infest homes. That is why it is important to continue your pest control services even in the winter.

Does Flooding Bring Bugs?

When there is a heavy rain or storm that floods your area you not only dealing with potential water damage but also a pest problem. Many pests will not do well under these circumstances but there is a particular pest that will use the flood to its advantage. The ant will use the water as a way to get from one place to the next. Ants are able to stay on the surface of the water so a flood is transportation. You may not have an issue with ants at all but you might once there is a flood. The ants will get from one place to the next quickly and that means that you can end up with an ant infestation.

Are Pests Attracted to Moisture & Rain?

Rain is much different from flooding and is actually a really good thing. Rain is necessary for all manner of life. From people to plants and animals to pests. The pests that are around your home need to have some kind of moisture to live and that means that rain is great. The rain will allow the pests to reproduce more abundantly and that means that in infestation can be much more. The more pests there are the more they are going to be looking for a place to find food and that means your home. Be sure to have your home treated well during these rainy days.

What Happens to Insects in Dry Weather Or Drought?

This type of weather is tough on many species. That does include pests that normally need moisture to live their life. Dry weather is not great for pests and that means that they are going to be looking for the water somewhere. That means you are going to see them in your home more often. They are also usually more aggressive since they are doing what they can to save their life.

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