Do Cicada Killer Wasps Sting Humans in Santa Clara, TX? How Do You Keep Cicada Killers Away?

Cicada killer wasps looks much like an enormously large yellow jacket. With their long-segmented bodies, these can grow up to 1 ½ inches in length and are among the largest species of wasps. Their head and middle segments are a rust color and the back segment is striped black and yellow. With a tint of yellow, their antenna and wings enhance the yellow coloring. One of their main priorities in life are to feed their young by paralyzing cicada bugs. After laying all her eggs, the female will soon die, and the males die quickly after mating. As cicada killer wasps are active now, we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share some of the fundamentals concerning them.

What Month Do Cicada Killers Come Out & How Long are They Active?

Generally, the bugs are most active in July and August. Cicada killers will burrow near the edge of the forest, gardens and waste areas. An area that is well-lit and with light soil and good drainage is some of their basic need for building a nest. Their preferred nesting ground is close to the trees harboring cicada bugs. Cicada killers will emerge in the early summer to mate. Once mated, the fertile females will burrow oval shaped chambers for her eggs. Until she has a cicada big for every egg, she will continue to hunt. When these wasps hatch, they eat the cicada bug. They will then build a cocoon and hibernate until the following spring. Emerging as adults, they dig their way out of the tunnel to mate and continue the cycle.

What happens if you get stung by a cicada killer?

They are capable and will sting people as the cicada killers pose a threat. Though they are not usually aggressive and will otherwise usually leave you alone, but if the female cicada killer feels threatened, she will sting. When the cicada killer wasp stabs its prey, the stinger pumps the meal with venom to paralyze it. If a cicada killer wasp stings you, the jab will hurt. Males do not possess stingers and are harmless, though they do demonstrate territorial behavior. Bear in mind, the differences between males and females are minimal and can be difficult to tell apart. Another nuisance is the tunnels dug by female cicada killers can cause property damage.

How to Prevent Cicada Killers?

Deprive cicada killers of their basic needs and they will not linger on the property to prevent them otherwise they simply continue to thrive when their basic needs are met. These basic needs include drainage, the light soil to dig in, and enough cicada insects to eat. If you are able to manage their primary need, you will deter the cicada killers from residing on your property.

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If you want the cicada killer wasps evicted from your property, you need the experts of A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to help you eliminate them safely and effectively. To better combat these stinging pests using proven techniques and advanced products, our team of pest control technicians have the training and experience required to be efficient. To avoid painful, and potential ranging allergic reactions, it is your better interest to allow our professionals to take care of a cicada killer infestation. Call us as soon as you notice them to prevent the damage and painful stings.

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