Deadliest Animals in San Antonio, TX; Stinging Asian Giant Murder Hornets or Mosquitoes that Transmit Diseases?

If you are talking about things that are scaring people these days the list might start with coronavirus. With that being the hot topic more and more things are coming out in the same time. There have also been earthquakes, tornadoes and other storms. Now to top off the list of things that are coming out this year there has been sightings of the Murder Hornet. If there is a pest with Murder in the name it is one to be watched out for. The spring is the time of year that most pests are coming out to start to flourish along with the plants the flowers. The warm weather is welcome but that also brings out some pests that you might not be excited to see. If you thought it was bad enough to find wasps and hornets around your home you now have to be on alert for the Murder Hornet. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what you need to know about murder hornets.

What is a Murder Hornet?

The “murder hornet” is what the hornet has been dubbed but it is actually the Asian Giant Hornet. They are a part of the hornet family with many similarities. One of the differences that sets them apart is the size of the hornet. Murder hornets can reach up to two inches in length and are just as thick. This is huge when it comes to a pest that might be out to give you a sting. They have a large head that is usually an orange color with large black eyes. They also have yellow and black striped bodies that you can identify when they fly by.

Why Are Asian Giant Hornets Dangerous?

One of the issues you should know about the murder hornet is they have a potent sting. The stinger on one of these pests can be a quarter of an inch and the sting can be very painful. They have been linked to around 50 deaths in Japan and should be avoided. If you have an allergic reaction to the sting it can be fatal. If you do not you will still have a reaction that can and will be painful and could be long lasting.

What are Murder Hornets Attracted To?

The scary part is what the murder hornet has been known to do. They are a pest that has been known to target honeybees. They will fly around the when they spot a beehive they can start to make their invasion. The scary part is that they use their large jaws to chop the head off the bees one at a time. They can take over the colony and destroy their life as they know it. They will use the hive as their own. This is problematic because we rely so heavily on the bees being safe and taken care of.

What is the Most Dangerous Animal to Humans?

The world’s deadliest animal is the mosquito. Spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever, Zika virus, chikungunya, and lymphatic filariasis; mosquitoes kill more people than any other creature in the world. Murder hornets are currently only in the Pacific Northwest and yet to kill anyone in the United States. The good news is that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these diseases by avoiding bites from infected mosquitoes.

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