Creepy Spiders, Scary Mice & Rats, Wiggly Worms & Just Halloween Pest Decorations in Van Ormy, TX

There are times in the year that people love to go all out and celebrate and decorate their house. The fall is the start of the season that people tend to take very seriously. The start of the fun happens to be during the Halloween season. This is a great time of year to try and scare your friends and family and dress up for some nights out. When it comes to the night of Halloween most kids will get dressed up in their favorite character and head out to go house to house. They are on the hunt for some goodies to collect and some candy to eat. Along the way they may come across some creepy homes that used pests as a way to create some fear and fright. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control spotlights common pests used to scare during the Halloween season.

Scary Spiders

One of the top pests that are used to create a scary scene are none other than the eight legged arachnids otherwise known as spiders. They are of course a pest that is topping the charts year round that people are fearful of so of course they would be used during Halloween. There are movies and shows that will use them as the main character to really give you a scare. The interesting thing is that spiders would much rather stay hidden and out of sight. Most of the time the only reason that you know there is a spider nearby is the presence of a web. The two parts combined are a perfect option to decorate with. You can go to any party store and come home with a plethora of spiders in sizes and colors to fit your theme as well as fake webs. You want to make sure that the real thing is not hanging around your home by having it treated for pests on a regular basis.

Nightmare Rats & Mice

There are other pests that are likely to be found to scare people mostly because they seem to come out of nowhere. When it comes to rats and mice they are a nasty little pest that might be hiding in a wall or a cupboard. When you least expect it they can come out and give you a jump. That is why they are a great option to have as fake decorations during Halloween. They can be placed in a corner on your porch or even in a bowl hiding under the candy. They are scary because of their creepiness but also because they can carry disease that can transfer to your family. You want to make sure that you keep the real thing out of your house and get some fakes ones to put up that you can easily take back down.

Wiggly Worms

When it comes to worms and other long creepy slimy pests they can be used in ways to create a creepy feeling. If you label a bowl that is called worms and really all it is happens to be noodles people will think that it is actually worms. This is a scary moment when you place your hand in as a game for a Halloween party. You want to make sure that you keep all kind of real worms, centipedes and millipedes out of your house.

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