Creepy & Scary Facts About Bugs & Other Pests in Canyon Lake, TX; Many Carry Disease Causing Germs & More

As if bugs, insects and other pests weren’t bad enough to have running around your home being creepy, there may be things that you never even thought about. Pests are an annoyance to most people and when they invade your home you usually want them taken care of as soon as possible. That is why professional pest control services are a much needed service that many people choose to use. Pests are an annoyance but they are more than that. They can be dangerous and cause illness and injury if you were to come in contact with them or their pathways. Knowing many of the scary and dangerous things that a pest brings to your home is a push to continue your pest control services all year round! A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists some scary facts about insects and other pests trying to get into your home or business.

Insects & Pests Live Everywhere

One of the scariest things about these pests is that they are all over the world and the fact that they outnumber us as humans is frightening. They are abundant so much so that there are more than 200 million per person on the earth. As you look around a room imagine the vast numbers of pests that are lurking all around. The other thing is that pests don’t just stay outside living in nature. They love to get in a home or garden to feed on the plants and foods that people leave behind for them. That means that you are not really getting away from them just by stepping inside a building.

Some Insects Feed on Blood

There are many pests that go around feeding on meats and sweets that are left around a home or property. That is not the preferred meal for all pests. There are some that want to drink the blood of a host person like a bed bug or a mosquito. A bed bug will attach to your skin at night and feed on the blood of the person while they sleep. Once they are full they will head back to their hiding place.

Pests Hide from Predators

Most pests know that being seen by the large people walking around means imminent death. They are pretty sneaky and will stay away from an area that they hear or sense movement. That means they could be hiding under cabinets, couches, beds and around the edges of your home. Just because you don’t actually see a pest walking around your home doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They are really good at staying out of sight.

Many Pests Carry Disease Causing Germs

There are many pests that are out there that can be extremely dangerous to your health. Cockroaches are full of bacteria and all it will take to spread it around is simply walking along the counters. Other pests are a carrier for diseases that can be harmful to a person if they are bit or stung by these infected pests.

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