Creatures & Pests Named After Harry Potter & Star Wars Characters; Spiders, Wasps, Moths & Mites

Harry Potter and Star Wars are two stories that have captured the hearts of millions. Parents dress their kids in costumes that mimic the characters that star in these two series. There are some that don’t have to dress up to look like these beloved characters though; pests! A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about some pests that resemble characters from these books so much that entomologists have given them names based on the sagas.

Eriovixia Gryffindori; Sorting Hat Spider

This peculiar spider found in south-west India has a sub-triangular abdomen that resembles a brown hat. So much so, that entomologists have named it after the famous sorting hat from Harry Potter. This spider was named the Eriovixia Gryffindori. The spider has this unique shape to resemble leaves that it hides in during the day while it is sleeping in order to protect it from predators. Perhaps the next spider that is named after a Harry Potter character will be Aragog after the gigantic spider that makes several appearances in the story.

Ampulex Dementor; Dementor Wasp Turns Cockroaches into Zombies

In 2014, a wasp that had some unique characteristics as found in Southeast Asia. This wasp behaved similar to the soul sucking dementors of Harry Potter. If you have read the books, you know that these creatures were greatly feared and for good reason. The wasp has been named Ampulex Dementor. This wasp, who preys on cockroaches, injects venom into its prey and turns the cockroach into something resembling a zombie. The cockroach then follows the wasp into its burrow. Instead of venom, the dementors use the kiss of death to suck the souls out of their prey. What we see as a fantasy, really does exist in the insect world.

Wockia Chewbacca; Chewbacca Moth

This large, hairy moth has been named after the furry, yet fiercely loved wookiee, Chewbacca. This furry creature is Hans Solo’s sidekick and very large and hairy. It didn’t take long for fans to fall in love with this gentle creature. The moth has been named Wockia Chewbacca and is found in Mexico. It is an oversized moth that has brown fur all over its body much like the favorite wookiee. I wonder if Chewbacca fans would be as excited to see this moth as they would the furry creature himself.

Darthvaderum Greensladeae; Vader Mite

When you think of Darth Vader, the last thing you probably think about is a microscopic mite. However, there is one with the namesake. This mite is found in Australia and is named Darthvaderum greensladeae. When this mite is put under the microscope, it looks like it is wearing a helmet that resembles the dark lord himself.

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These pests gain some popularity because of their names, but the fact of the matter is, you would never want them in or around your house. They are pests after all. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help eradicate any pest problems you may have. Call us today for an appointment.

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