Cold Weather Means More Bugs, Rodents & Other Pests Trying to Get in Your Grey Forest, TX Home!

The change in the weather is something that most people look forward to. This might be needed after a long hot summer or ready to warm up at the end of the winter. The change in the weather brings a lot of differences to what is happening all around you. The weather will have a large effect on the way that the you dress, how you spend your time and what the plants and world look like. When it is cold outside the changes are quite drastic. You will start to see the biggest change in trees, shrubs and plants because they tend to go dormant. The cold weather sends a lot of living things indoors. Some people think they can skip their pest control in the fall and winter weather but in actual fact you may need pest control more than ever to protect your house from an unwanted pest infestation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines why you need pest control when it’s cold outside.

Mice Coming into House

The cold weather is something that will send most people indoors. It is too cold to have any enjoyment outside so indoor activities reign supreme. The cold weather also sends some critters running for some warmth and one that you need to be prepared for are mice. They don’t want to spend their time outdoors because they cannot survive the cold weather. Your home makes a great place for them to escape the cold and start to find a place to nest in preparation for the spring. They can also of course always find food to eat in your house and water and moisture that they need to survive. Mice have been known to squeeze in through very small gaps and holes that you may think are safe. You want to make sure you use pest control services to keep mice out of your house. The service can also include inspecting for signs that mice have made their way in your house and need to be removed.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your House

The other furry critter that you might see making their way into your home are rats as well. They are similar to mice in the way that they want to get out of the cold. They want to get in your home and enjoy some warmth and coverage while they are scavenging for food and nesting materials. They can carry with them disease and bacteria that can be bad for you and your family. This is why you want to make sure that you keep your home treated all year long including the winter and cold months.

Cockroaches Prefer Heat to Cold

When you find an infestation of cockroaches they are often in a warm and moist place or near a plethora of food that they can enjoy. Although cockroaches are able to withstand a lot of abuse they do have a preference to warmth. If they are able to get in your house they will and they can cause an infestation quite fast if not treated properly.

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