Do Carpet Beetles Live in Beds Like Bed Bugs Do in Seguin, TX? How Are They Harmful?

Bed bugs and carpet beetles, at first glance, look very similar and are often confused with one another. Most often a carpet beetle is assumed to be a bed bug and often a homeowner calls out for the wrong pest control services. It is important to know which pest is in your home. Bed bugs have special control methods versus carpet beetles. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share the differences between bed bugs and carpet beetles so you can better determine how to control and prevent either one or both of these pests.

Bed Bugs Identification & Signs

Bedbugs are a well known pest that can cause a lot of panic when they invade a home. They don’t cause damages nor do they carry any known diseases. However they do feed on the blood of people as they sleep and can aggravate allergies. Bed bugs are a very small and flat insect that look similar to an apple seed. They hide during the day and come out at night to feed. This behavior makes bed bugs hard to see or find. Often it takes a professional to do an inspection to find them. However, there are times when the homeowner finds them when they are changing sheets or cleaning their mattresses or even the sofa. And there are always the tell tale signs such as waking up with bed bug bites, spotting on sheets, sweet odor etc. Bed bugs will hide near their food source and are often found near beds, furniture and in the carpet. Bed bugs are brownish red in color and as stated, they are the same size and similar shape of an apple seed. They often have a reddish color marking on their legs, abdomen and head. They often will leave behind bug bites in small clusters or in straight rows. In addition, you may find reddish or brown colored spots on sheets or bedding. If a major infestation occurs in large groups, they can emit a musty odor. Bed bug larvae are creamy colored and worm like. They are very small and often go unseen.

What Do Carpet Beetles Look Like?

Carpet beetles look very similar to bed bugs and are often confused or mistaken to be a bed bug. Carpet beetles are also very flat and oval shaped like bed bugs and are also very small. They are only about 3/32 of an inch in size. Since they are so small it’s hard to see them. At first glance they look brown in color; however, carpet beetles are white, yellow, and brown in color with a checker like pattern. Carpet beetles don’t feed on human blood like bed bugs do. They feed on natural fiber such as found in carpets and linens. This is where they get their name, carpet beetles as they are often found feeding and damaging carpet. Carpet beetle larvae are larger than an adult carpet beetle. They are brown in color and very fuzzy. Carpet beetles are not dangerous. Nonetheless they do cause major damages to fabric and in most cases carpets. When carpet beetles infest homes they are often found in carpet creating large bald patches throughout your home’s carpet. Due to their damaging nature carpet, beetles are considered a nuisance.

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Carpet beetle and bed bug pest control methods are very different from each other. This is why it is important to determine which pest has invaded your home. However, you can help reduce an invasion for both pests by keeping your home clean and all linens, including bedding and carpet, regularly cleaned. If you need help treating your home of carpet beetles, bed bugs or other pests, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today!

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