Can You Prevent a Termite Alates Swarm from Flying into Your House in New Braunfels, TX this Spring?

When the weather starts to change the type of pests that you will come across do to. Many pests lay in wait for the warm temperatures and when it is warm enough they start to come out. This means that you may need to step up your pest control game. It also is a great time to start to understand what type of pests are the biggest concern. The cold weather has pest issues that are different in the fact that all the pests that want out of the cold will be found getting in your home. The spring and summer will have a whole slew of other pests you need to be cautious of. Termites are one of the pests that come out in the spring and start to hunt for a place to stay. They are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage each year. They get in your home and will eat away the wood beams and support that makes up the structure of the house. The structure is something that you need to keep the house safe and when termites take over they are causing weak spots throughout. That is why it is important to know what to look for and what you can do to keep them out of your home and off your property. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what to look for and how to prevent termites from swarming into your home.

Look Out for Termite Swarmers

A colony of termites will wait for the weather to warm up. Once it does the termites will grow a set of wings so that they ca swarm. The swarm is basically the colony that is on the hunt for a place to start feeding. You will likely see a large swarm of flying pests that you may think are ants or flies. They can be termites and it is best to have an inspection if you think they are near your home.

Do Wood Piles Attract Termites?

The first stop that a colony of termites will make is any exposed wood piles that you have around your home. If you have wood that is being saved for wood burning or crafting you want to make sure that it is covered and not kept near your home. The wood is a perfect place for them to set up shop.

Can You Treat Wood to Prevent Termites?
If you have a home that has any wood that is not painted of sealed you need to have it done. This might be a deck that has some bare spots or eves of the house that have wood that has chipped paint. Other homes have siding that can be damaged and underneath may be exposed wood that will require you to replace the siding.

Do Termites Like Moisture?

Lastly you want to make sure that you have all the moisture that might be collecting around your home cleared up. You don’t want to have water that is pooling up especially around the house so that termites are not drawn to the area.

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