Can You Do Termite Control Yourself in Seguin, TX? What is the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Termites?

Spring marks the beginning of termite season. It is during the spring that new swarmer queens will leave their nest and seek their own nesting site to establish a new colony. As new termite queens look for a new nesting site they may discover your home. Termites become a threat every spring and most often after spring rain. When termites begin to swarm it is important to protect your home from potential termite invasion. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a few tips on how to protect your home from termite invasion.

Keep Foundation Raised Above the Ground

There are many different species of termites and some live underground. These subterranean species will create mud tubes or tunnels that climb up the side of the home to enter through a crack. They will enter the home through cracks found in the foundations or along the siding and then infest and feast on your home. Termites are less likely to climb up the side of the home as long as the foundation is high enough above the ground. Make sure soil and dirt doesn’t build up around the foundation and that the foundation stands at least 3 inches above the soil line.

Keep Moisture Out of Foundation

Termites are drawn to soil that is constantly damp. The damp soil keeps them cool during the hot summer season and it is easier to dig out their galleries and or nest. To help keep termites away from your home, you will want to keep the ground dry. It is recommended to avoid planting grass, shrubs, and other vegetation that helps to hold in moisture in the ground. Consider keeping the perimeter around the home just gravel. Never use mulch as a landscaping material next to the home.

Protect Firewood from Termites

For those who store firewood on their property, keep in mind that the wood is a beacon for termites. To avoid termites infesting in your home, store your firewood away from the house. If possible, keep firewood 25 feet away from the house. Additionally, avoid stacking the firewood directly on the ground. Use a metal firewood stand or keep the firewood at least a foot off the ground.

Prevent Termites in Attic

Texas is home to different species of termites and not all of them need to live underground to survive. Some species of termites will enter through a small crack in a window or more often the females will fly through the attic ventilation. Once inside the attic they have free access to exposed wood where they can happily feed season after season. The attic requires proper ventilation. However, to keep the termites out of the attic you can use a fine mesh screen. A mesh screen can help keep the termites out of the attic but still allows air flow. It is important to check the screen often and make sure it doesn’t become plunged up with dirt and other debris and restrict the needed air flow.

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