Can Termites Be Active in Your Somerset, TX House or Do They Die in Cold Winter Weather?

As we begin to leave fall and welcome the winter season, many homeowners feel like most of their pest problems are over until the spring. As many pests do hibernate or become far less active, they are not gone. One common misconception is that termites are no longer a threat to homes. However, termites are not always gone, even in the winter. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share why termites can be a pest even during the winter.

Do Termites Die at a Certain Temperature

Termites can be found all throughout Texas and due to its climate, they can remain active much longer than they are can in other parts of the nation. Basic termite behavior during the winter season often calls for termites to retreat into the nest and stay below the freezing line. Some species of termites such as the drywood termite will nest in tree trunks and will often seal off the hole of the nest as they continue working within the center. Where activity does slow down during the colder months, termites are not gone and do not hibernate. If a termite invaded a home during the spring, their activity may have gone unnoticed. Come the winter a full size colony may be thriving within your home. As long as termites stay warm, and can find food and water, they can remain fully active all year long. This can spell bad news if they have made their way into your home.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

By the winter, if termites have been left unchecked, their colony will have reached full size which can range from 6000 members and some will even grow as large as one million. After infesting a site from spring through autumn, come winter termite activity will become more obvious. By winter termite signs are often more visible especially if the activity is within the home. Termites will feed on dry or damp wood within the home. Termites will chew on the home’s wooden framing, baseboards, doors, window trim and also on hardwood floors. Termites create holes to push the excess saw dust out in order to create a tunneling system. Subterranean termites live underground but will build vein like mud tunnels leading to their foraging grounds. These tunnels can be found outside along the side of the home or inside. Termites can crawl through a crack in the foundation or through the brick wall inside basements. However, drywood termites can nest inside the home and they can create “drop tubes” that look like stalactites coming down from the ceiling. As they chew through baseboards, wooden trim, or the floor, it will create thin weak spots that easily break revealing their handy work. You can easily put a butter knife through areas of wood where termites have been feasting.

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When termite activity occurs during winter it is often bad news as this means they have been there for a while. To properly treat the home of termites, contact a professional pest control service that provides termite treatment. Termites, if left unchecked, can cause major and even threatening damages to the home. If you find termites in your home this winter, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control. We provide termite and other pest control services.

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