Can Mosquito Bites Make You Ill & How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Helotes, TX Yard?

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that humans are forced to deal with. Summer brings on a new wave of heavy mosquito life, making backyard barbeques and gatherings seem like you are getting eaten alive. Mosquitoes are capable of forcing us indoors to avoid their extreme annoyance and stay as far away as possible so we do not get bit. Mosquitoes seem to linger a bit longer during the summer months, and so it is prime feasting time for these little pests. Fighting against mosquitoes can leave some feeling defeated, not knowing exactly how to get rid of them permanently.

Can You Get Sick from a Mosquito Bite?

Although they are a major nuisance, mosquitoes also pose a more serious threat than just being a buzzing annoyance. Mosquitoes act as a vector for diseases, spreading harmful illnesses such as malaria, yellow fever, west Nile virus and dengue fever. These are all serious diseases that can even end up as a fatality if not properly taken care of. Mosquitoes need blood to survive, and we are a great source of a grand feast for any mosquito. Female mosquitoes use their mouth parts to pierce our skin and suck out our blood. Though the loss of blood is almost insignificant, it is the saliva of the mosquito that often causes an irritating rash that is a major inconvenience. It is difficult to not scratch a mosquito bite, they are extremely irritating.

Does Removing Standing Water Deter Mosquitoes?

Controlling the population of mosquitoes on your property will help prevent any future bites to you and your family. One important step that should be taken is to inspect all around your property for any standing water. Mosquitoes thrive on water and are able to multiply at an extremely rapid rate when water is readily available to them. You may think that there is no standing water on your property, but if you have a sprinkler system or just experienced a recent rain fall, then chances are you have standing water somewhere on your property. Any type of container that can hold water is an attraction to mosquitoes; this includes empty flower pots, buckets, tires and any other object that water can pool up in. During your inspection, turn these objects upside down, or dispose of them if they are garbage. This will help in eliminating the presence of mosquitoes on your property.

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If you are experiencing a mosquito presence near your home or on your property, it is time to call in a professional. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can handle all of your mosquito and other pest problems with quality service and effective, long lasting results.

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