Can Flooding Cause Ant, Cockroach & Rodent Pest Infestations in Seguin, TX?

Are you in an area that has lots of rain or storms? The rain and storms cause some areas to flood and that means potential damage and an entire slew of other problems. One area that people don’t realize can become an issue is with pests! The water is something that can be a catalyst for many types of pests to come out and look for higher ground. After water damage and flooding you need to be prepared for an infestation and you need to know what you can do to stop it or prevent it.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines What Types of Pests You Need to Watch For After a Flood

Floating Ant Rafts During Flooding: There are some pests that tend to be more prevalent when there is a flood. Ants are one of those pests. They are a problem when the flooding is happening and after the flood has occurred. When the water from the storm or rain starts to saturate the ground the ants that tend to live in colonies in the ground need to get out and find somewhere to go. If they stay underground they will not survive so their instinct is to find a dry spot to wait it out. The highest areas many times during a flood is your home! The ground can be completely covered with water and that is why they infest homes. You may even notice that they are floating in large groups. Fire ants attach to each other and float along until they are able to grab on to something else. If you start to see ants in your home after a flood you need to deal with them as soon as possible.
Mice & Rats Look For Higher Ground: When you are dealing with a flood in and around your home the last thing you want to find is a mouse running through your house. There is often a lot of work that has to be done after a flood and dealing with any rodent is not something you want to have to take care of. The problem is that the area that mice and rats live will most often also be flooded so they will swim out and find somewhere that is warmer and has food. That is often your house! Rodents will start to infest homes and look for food that they can get into. You want to be sure that you get cleaned up as soon as you can after a flood. Also call out a professional that can come out and treat the home for rodents such as mice and rats.
Cockroaches Look for Dry Ground in a Storm: The flood will start at the lowest ground and most cities and towns have drainage systems that can carry away some of the water. When there is too much water it cannot be accommodated in the drainage so the sewers and ground will flood as well. That is where cockroaches are living. They will come out and need a place to live. Cockroaches will swim around until they find a home or business that they can stop and nest.

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