Can Exterminators Get Rid of & Prevent Oriental Cockroaches in Zuehl, TX? Kill Roach Nest & More

Throughout Texas, cockroaches are a pest that run around the area and can potentially spread diseases and ailments. There are quite a few cockroach species in the vicinity. With these probable uninvited guests reigning terror in your San Antonio, TX home or business, we at A Five Star Termites & Pest Control would like to further elaborate on Oriental Cockroaches.

Found One Oriental Cockroach in House or Garage?

The Oriental Cockroach is one of the larger species of cockroach, believed to be of African origin despite the name. Since they hung out in damp areas, as well as black beetle roaches, due to them having smooth, dark bodies, these cockroaches are often referred to as water bugs. Through gaps beneath siding, sewers and drains; piping; beneath doors; and other house structural elements is often the method Oriental cockroaches use to gain entry.

Identification of Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches have oval shaped bodies that average 1 inch length and are commonly shiny black but can range to a dark reddish-brown color with 6 legs that extend from the body along with antennae. Though both large in size, as adults, the male and female cockroaches are quite different in appearance. The smaller males have shortened, three-quarter-length wings the last few abdominal segments of their bodies are exposed as a result. The female Oriental roaches, in comparison, have no wings and are slightly larger. Sheltering the first few segments of their bodies, they have large wing pads. Neither males nor females can fly, though they differ in appearance.

Oriental Cockroach Infestation

With Oriental cockroach infestations, there are three telltale signs of an infestation and they include egg capsules, sightings and odors.
Cockroach Egg Capsules: Egg cases ranging in size from 8 to 10 mm in length will appear during an infestation, aside from sightings of the cockroaches themselves. Usually dark brown or reddish in color, Oriental cockroach egg cases, which can hold about 16 eggs.
Roach Sightings: Coming in and out of sewers and storm drains during the night, especially during the warmer months of the year, Oriental Cockroaches may be seen outside near moist gutters, around landscaping beds. Oriental cockroaches congregate in dark, moist and undisturbed spaces during the daylight hours.
Cockroach Odor: Oriental cockroach infestation smells will also alert homeowners. To communicate with each other Oriental cockroaches secrete chemicals. A notorious musty odor is attached to these chemicals.

How to Prevent Oriental Cockroaches

Practicing good sanitation is the best advice for Oriental cockroach control. Vacuum often and keep a spotless kitchen to prevent oriental cockroaches from infesting a home. To prevent moisture buildup, consider using a dehumidifier. Paying close attention to cracks around windows, doors, pipes and utility lines. Seal all possible entry points with a silicone-based caulk on the exterior of the home. Also, to prevent moisture buildup, fortify all entrances around utility pipes and ventilate crawl spaces. Having properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks helps, be sure to eliminate sources of standing water and divert water away from the home’s foundation, since Oriental Cockroaches are very dependent on water.

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