Can a Termite Infested House Be Saved in Marion, TX? Don’t Let Termites Go Unnoticed this Spring!

Now that the spring weather is in full swing there is a pest that is a major problem. Termites are extremely destructive and now is the time to be ready to combat them if you have a problem this spring season. The spring is the perfect weather for termite swarmer’s to take off and start to search for a new place to live and feed. You need to do all that you can so that you prevent the damage that termites cause. Termites are responsible for millions of dollars in homeowner damage as reported by insurance companies. They feed on exposed wood which happens to be the majority of the internal structure of your home. All the wood beams and the framing of your home is made from two by fours and other pieces of lumbar. When these are damaged the entire structure of the home can be put at risk. The other issue that many people have is the speed that termites tend to work. They don’t actually have time off. Termites work round the clock to support the colony and pull their weight. That means that a colony can do some real damage in a small amount of time. The last thing is that termites are small and hide in the walls of homes which means you may not know that you have a problem! When it comes to termites many people make some mistakes that could be quite costly. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what mistakes you want to avoid when dealing with termites.

Can Termites Go Unnoticed?

Missing the early warning signs is unfortunately a common mistake many homeowners make. The best way to deal with a termite problem is to try and catch it right away. The longer the termites have to work, the worse the damage will be. That is why when you keep your eyes out for the signs of a termite infestation you are more likely to catch the problem sooner. The first thing to look for is called a swarm. The swarm is the termites that are out looking for a place to start their colony. They will fly by in a large swarm and if you see this near your home you want to call for an inspection right away. Another sign that termites are in your home are mud tubes. This is how subterranean termites travel from the ground to your home. They are small lines of dirt that lead from the soil up the side of your house. If you start to see these call right away!

Does Exposed Wood Attract Termites?

During the winter months many people choose to pile wood to help keep warm during the cold weather season. This firewood is part of what could easily attract a swarm of termites to you home. If you have a downed dead tree the exposed wood can also lead to termites on your property. These areas of open and exposed wood can cause a termite infestation that can end up in your home.

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