Bee Types in Geronimo, TX; Do Bumblebees Sting? Protect Wood from Carpenter Bees, Active Leafcutter Bees & More

There are some pests that are common during certain seasons. The type of weather that comes with each season is the biggest driving factor in the types of pests that you will see. When it comes to the spring weather most people are excited to see the warm weather that comes with it. The warm weather is also something that bees and other flying pests are waiting for as well. Pests that are flying around are common in the warm months and bees are one that most people are concerned about. Most people know that bees are an important part of the environment and are a necessary part of the growth of food and other plants. The issue is that they are also a pest that can sting someone that might come across them. That is why if you see a hive or swarm of bees you might want them removed from your area. If the hive is too close to your home it is important to have it moved professionally. There are lots of kinds of bees that you might be seeing around your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines the different types of bees you might see.

Do Bumblebees Sting?

When you are out in the yard during the spring you are likely going to come across a bumblebee. They are one of the most common bees in the area and can be found around your yard, home and property. They are the bee that you see that is fuzzy and will have a segmented body. They have a yellow and black colored pattern that you can see and the head is often yellow. They are a large bee and can be seen going from plant to plant moving pollen and collecting nectar that they will then take back to the hive. They are a bee that can and will sting someone if you come across them. Although they don’t go out of their way to sting if they are feeling in some way threatened they will sting a person. It is best to have a professional relocate the hive.

Protect Wood from Carpenter Bees

When it comes to a bee that you should want to get rid of around your home a carpenter bee should be the top of the list. They are similar to the bumble bee because they are around the same size and have a fuzzy body. The main difference is that the carpenter bee has a body that is completely black and no yellow at all. They are problematic in the fact that they chew through the wood that is around your house. This will end up causing you damage that will have to be repaired.

When are Leafcutter Bees Active?

A bee that you might see working around your house is called a leafcutter bee. They work as an individual and can be seen cutting chunks out of a leaf or flower to take back to their nest. They tend to work alone and create their own nest rather than live with a colony. The issue is that they are destroying your plants and flowers. It is best to get rid of them. Leafcutter bees are active in the warm summer month.

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