Avoid Anaphylaxis, Swelling & Other Symptoms from an Allergic Reaction to Insect Stings in China Grove, TX

Millions of Americans are allergic to stings they get from insects. Not only are the sting of a bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or fire ant painful, but for those that are allergic to them, it can be deadly. If you don’t ever recall a time in your life that you have experienced a sting, you may not know if you are allergic to them or not. If you haven’t ever felt that pain, you might not know what looks like a normal sting and what is abnormal and indicative of a stinging pest allergy. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to share the signs of an allergic reaction to a sting from mild to severe.

A Mild or Normal Reaction to an Insect Sting

Many people who don’t have a legitimate allergy to stings, still experience a certain amount of symptoms. The symptoms are usually found at the sight of the sting and include the following:
– Pain
– Redness
– Welt/Pimple-like Bump
– Itching
– Warmth

Anaphylaxis & Severe Reactions to Insect Stings

Unfortunately, there are some people that will experience severe symptoms that can even lead to death when they are stung by an insect. While this is far less common than the symptoms listed above, it is still a reality for many people. Here are the symptoms those that have an allergy to insect stings will experience.
– Anaphylaxis
– Hives that are red and itchy. These will spread far beyond the area where the sting happened.
– Trouble breathing
– Swelling on body. Most common areas that swell are the mouth, face, throat or tongue.
– Anxiety & restlessness
– Severe drop in blood pressure that can leave the person feeling faint.
– Rapid pulse

How to Treat an Insect Sting

In the unfortunate event that you experience an insect sting, you will need to treat it to lessen the pain and the symptoms that go along with it. If you are stung by a bee, you will need to remove the stinger that is left in your body. It is important that you don’t squeeze this stinger as that will inject more venom into your body. You can remove it by gently scraping the stinger out using something with a straight, rigid edge like a credit card. Wash the area and apply an over the counter antihistamine to help with symptoms. It may also feel good to use ice or a cold compress to reduce the pain. If you are allergic to insect stings, you will need to call your healthcare provider right away and even dial 911 if your symptoms are severe enough.

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