Attracting Wildlife? What to Do if a Wild Animal is Found in Your San Antonio, TX Home

It’s not uncommon to awake and discover a wild animal such as a raccoon, possum, bat or even a snake in your home. Any wildlife can be frightening to find inside your home. Not only do most invading wildlife animals pose a threat, but they will also damage your home and leave behind diseases. If you wake up to find any of Texas’s wild animals in your home, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share what to do in that situation.

Confine the Wild Animal to One Area

Depending on this situation or where inside your home you may have found the critter, you may need to react differently. However, it is important not to panic or to become aggressive or the animal may respond with more aggression. If the animal is found in an area that you can shut a door and seal them inside, simply lock them in and call for assistance. Most pest control companies can remove wildlife animals safely without anyone getting hurt.

Home Pest Sealing

After the animal has been removed, it is important to discover how they entered your home in the first place, and what may have enticed them to invade your home. In most cases they are looking for food and caught the scent of something inside. To prevent future intrusion, start by locating the animal’s entry point. If it’s due to a broken window, a crack in the wall, or even if they’ve climbed through the chimney, find the entry point and seal it off. Areas that require circulation such as chimneys and vents, you can use metal mesh wiring to cover those areas. Repair any cracks or windows that the animal used to get inside your home.

Avoid Attracting Wildlife to Your Property

Next, look around and determine what lured the animal inside your home. If any food was left out such as chip bags, fruit bowls, dirty dishes or other snack foods, they are an enticement for many wildlife animals especially raccoons, squirrels, rats, and mice. Other animals will invade for the promise of water. Pet bowls and leaky faucets may be enough to make an animal to want to enter your home. Ideally, you’ll want to prevent feeding and watering wild animals and you will want to make sure no food or water is accessible to them.

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If you’ve discovered wildlife animals in your home and need help removing and protecting your home from wildlife pests, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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