Are Yellow Jacket Wasps Aggressive in Canyon Lake, TX? How Do I Keep Stinging Insects Away from My House?

Yellow jacket wasps often get mistaken for bees by their black and yellow appearance. However when it comes to identifying which one is flying around your home, it helps to know whether it is a bee looking to help pollinate your garden or a wasp finding a place to make their new nest. The knowledge will greatly determine how a home owner reacts. During the winter months we are free from the concerns of a wasp invasion. However, now we are well into spring, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control wants to help make homeowners aware of yellow jacket wasps so come the spring, they can react properly. Wasps will pose a much bigger problem than a visiting bee.

What Month Do Yellow Jackets Build Nests?

Yellow jacket wasps mate just before the coming of winter. Afterward the female will hibernate through the winter season and the male will die due to the cold. Come May and June during springtime, the females will look for a place to build the first stages of her nest. This is when homeowners will want to know it is time to keep a lookout for wasps that might be building their nest around their home and yard. Wasps are super aggressive when it comes to defending their nest. They will sting anything they consider a threat. They will even sting multiple times to chase the invader away from their nest. As a queen Yellow Jacket Wasp begins to build her nest, it is best to knock it down to discourage her from building it too close to your home or yard.

How Do You Identify a Yellow Jacket Wasp?

Yellow jacket wasps look a lot like bees because they are black and yellow. However there are some key characteristics that will help the homeowner determine what is actually buzzing around their home. One major trait that wasps have verses bees is a long angular body, with long straight wings that point slightly outward when not in use. Yellow jacket wasps are actually mostly yellow with black stripes, where bees are mostly black with yellow stripes. The legs and the body of the wasp are yellow with black stripes. Their head and antennas are mostly black with some yellow circular like spots. Yellow jacket wasps are carnivores where they mostly hunt other insects. Nonetheless, they will also eat human food such as meats and even tasty sweets. The worker wasps bring food to the larva or grubs and the queen while the other workers seek material to expand the nest or hive.

How Do You Find a Yellow Jacket Wasp Nest?

One of the best ways to control yellow jacket wasps for the average homeowner is to prevent a queen from starting the first stages of her nest. If you have discovered a wasp nests way into development, you should call a professional pest control company. Queen yellow jacket wasps like high areas to build her nest. However they with also build their nests in leafy bushes and small trees as long as they provide protection. Keep a look out around the corner of your porches and patios and in the plants around your home that will provide protection for a wasp nest. Use a long device to knock down the nest if you find one. Don’t ever get too close to a wasp nest because again, they will sting anything or anyone that threatens their nest.

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Where yellow jacket wasps aren’t much of a problem yet, spring will be right around the corner. Most bees are harmless and only under extreme threats will bees attack. Although it is true you don’t want a bee hive too close to your home either, realize a pollinating bee won’t bother anyone. The same cannot be said for a yellow jacket wasp. Look out for these mean territorial insects. Their sting hurts and can last hours, not to mention for those with allergies to insect stings, they can become a life threatening pest. Come the spring, if you have discovered a wasp’s nest near your home, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and we will remove and protect your home from yellow jacket wasps.

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