Are Ticks a Problem in the Fall in Elmondorf, TX? The Blacklegged Tick is Active & Can Transmit Diseases

For many pests, as the temperature starts to cool down, you don’t have to be as worried about infestation problems. That may be true for some pests, but it isn’t always the case with ticks. In fact, there are studies that show certain ticks are most active during this time of the year. For this reason, you should always be on guard against ticks; protecting yourself as well as your pets from the constant threat of illness and disease ticks carry with them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about what ticks you should be aware of during the fall and some of the threats they pose to pets and humans.

Ticks are Active Well Past Summer Months

Although, the summer is the most active time for many ticks, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that there are ticks still lurking in the bushes during the fall. As people start to rake their leaves into piles and jump into them, many don’t realize they could be putting themselves at risk of tick bites when doing so. Depending on where you live, ticks can be just as big a threat during the fall as they are in the summer months.

Blacklegged Ticks are Active in the Fall

Many tick species are starting to slow down as the temperature cools off, but the blacklegged tick or the deer tick is often starting to become more active. The male is looking for a blood meal so he is hot on the hunt this time of year. This is a very active mating season for this tick species and you should always be aware of any possible threat.

Ticks Carry Diseases

Of course, Lyme disease is a very well-known disease transmitted by ticks. Unfortunately, there are several other diseases that everyone should be aware of as well that carry some serious health risks along with them. Some of those diseases include:
• Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
• Ehrlichia
• Anaplasmosis
• Lyme Disease

Where Do Ticks Usually Hide?

Ticks are sneaking and smart when it comes to where they lay in wait for their next meal. You will find ticks in short brush. They usually reside in brush that is no taller than about 12-24 inches tall. This puts them at the perfect height to catch a ride as well as a blood meal from the next unsuspecting victim.

How Do I Keep Ticks Off My Dog?

The most common way ticks make their way to a human is through pets. Your pets should be checked regularly for ticks. This will keep your pet healthy as well as keep ticks out of your home. Preventative measures should be taken year-round when it comes to safeguarding your pets from ticks.

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