Are Thief Ants Dangerous? How to Identify & Get Rid of Ant Infestations in Your Marion, TX Home or Business

The interesting thing about pests is that they come and go depending on the season. There are some pests that are a real intruder and one of them are ants. The ant is a general term and that includes many species of ants. The main thing that brings all ants together is the fact that they live in colonies. That means that if you are seeing ants on your counter you are likely only seeing a small percent of the group. Ants in general are on the hunt for food and that can be found around your home and even in your home. Ants are a pest that usually have a bite that is not harmful but can be irritating especially since it is usual to have more than one bite. The best thing you can do is to try and prevent ants from getting in your home in the first place. There are many species of ants that can cause trouble but one even has a name that suggests the problems they cause. The thief ant is a problem not only for people but also for other ant colonies. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what a thief ant is and why these ants are a problem.

How Do You Identify Thief Ants?

If you are wondering if you are dealing with a thief ant you can tell by their specific look. The thief ant is usually a pale yellow color but can sometimes be tan or brown. They are a very small ant and usually they reach about a sixteenth of an inch which is extremely small. They still live in a colony like other ants but they are different because they have more than one queen. They also tend to be found living in an area that is close to other colonies of ants.

How Did this Tiniest of Ant Gets it’s Name?

The interesting thing about a thief ant is that they are exactly what they are called; a thief. They are found getting into the colony of other ants and stealing food from them. They get in the middle and pick up pieces that the other colony has worked hard to collect. They will set up their tunnels so that they get right in the colony of other ants and take what they want. They can be seen hiding in the midst of the ants they are stealing from.

What Do Thief Ants Eat?

They are like many other ants in the fact that they need to collect food to help the colony. The colony will feed on many types of food but particularly love greasy food. They will also feed on nuts, bread and fruit and they also will eat other insects as well.

Where Do Thief Ants Live?

Thief ants are common in the places that they tend to live. They will find a spot under a piece of wood, in the soil and hiding around your home and property. They live outdoors but are just like other ants that will come in to search for food. You can find them lined up across the counter of your kitchen taking pieces of food back to their nest.

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