Are Surinam Cockroaches Common in Universal City, TX? How to Get Rid of Roaches!

The Surinam Cockroach isn’t a common home invading cockroach species. They are normally found outside in garden beds, planters and landscapes. However, when they are found in our homes, in most cases they were brought in rather than invaded on their own. Surinam Cockroaches are most often found in planting soil and are brought into homes when a new house plant is introduced inside. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about the Surinam Cockroach and how to help control them if they invade your home.

Where Do Surinam Cockroaches Live?

Surinam Cockroaches are most often found inside homes during the spring, summer and fall seasons as this is when they are most active. During the spring many people have reported seeing large populations of Surinam Cockroach emerge from the ground, even in places they are not known to thrive. Surinam Cockroaches aren’t native to America. They originated from Asia. Nonetheless, they quickly adapted to American tropical climates and inhabit the Southeast Gulf coast, including Florida, Louisiana and Texas. Now they are found all throughout America and even Canada. This is most likely due to the exporting of planting soil from Florida manufactures. They are sensitive to cooler temperatures and typically don’t thrive in the cold. The Surinam Cockroach will live in firewood stacks or timber piles, leaves, mulch and other similar environments. They live in moist areas and hide in dark places to avoid the light. They will also hide under rocks and even burrow underground. They will occasionally find a crack in a wall or foundation of a home and building and settle in. Surinam Cockroach will dig burrows in the ground or even in trees to lay their eggs and give refuge for the females and nymphs. They mostly feed on a wide range of plants, chewing on the leaves, stems and roots. Their diets can vary and have been found feeding on meats.

Surinam Cockroach Identification

The Surinam Cockroach females often get mistaken for Oriental cockroaches due to similar features. Female Surinam Cockroaches don’t have any wings. They range from a dark brown to black in color. Females have a segmented abdomen and a very small oval shaped head that attaches to their thorax. The males are much easier to identify. Unlike females, the males have wings that cover the entire abdomen and they can fly short distances. Their bodies are dark brown or black in color, but their wings have a dark copper pigment that glistens in the light. However, some males have been found without wing and the reason for this is still unknown to researchers. The male’s thorax looks like a solid black piece that is shiny, round, and comes to a point.

Preventing Surinam Cockroaches in Your Home

Surinam Cockroaches become a pest problem when indoor plants are brought into the home or when yards are freshly landscaped using mulch and planting soil. To help prevent Surinam Cockroaches from invading your home, carefully inspect indoor plants before they are brought inside. Baits and insecticides can also greatly help to control cockroaches from entering into your home.

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