Are Striped Bark Scorpions Active in Your St Hedwig, TX House During Cold Winter Weather?

All manner of pests are often looking to seek shelter from the dipping temperatures. They desire warmth and security, whether they stay active all winter long, or hibernate. While on their search, the inside of your home is frequently perceived as an attractive spot. Today, at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like to discuss what striped bark scorpions do over winter.

Striped Bark Scorpion Identification

For starters, a bark scorpion’s body has two distinct parts, the abdomen, which the tail is apart of, and the cephalothorax. The stinger, not being considered a distinct part, is at the tip of five segments, each longer than the last. They are a part of the arachnid family and have eight jointed legs and are equipped with a pair of pedipalps that are used for sensing and grasping prey. These critters average 2-3 inches in length. Sensitive to vibrations in the air, the “hairs” on the scorpion legs and other body parts are another discernible characteristic. In order to avoid extreme heat, scorpions will take shelter in the shade and come out at night to hunt for food. Typically congregating in large groups, scorpions hibernate in the winter.

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Thanks to their climbing abilities, bark scorpions can be found in many places. Scorpions can be easily found under rocks or in rock crevices, in trees or high on rock walls, as well as inside dark closets, climbing walls, or even trapped in sinks or bathtubs. Scorpions prefer cool and moist areas to avoid the intense heat. Scorpions are predatorsof most types of spiders, insects, centipedes, or even other scorpions in their diet. Scorpions however, can be the victim of birds (especially owls), centipedes, tarantulas, lizards, bats, shrews, and grasshopper mice’s diets. For about 400 million years these pests have been crawling the planet. After millenniums, they have become sturdy and are survivors. Scorpions will be active and out on the hunt, as long as temperatures remain above 76 degrees at night. Not only will excessive heat and cold temperatures drive them indoors, but so does heavy or prolonged rains that will often wash them from their outdoor nooks and hiding places. Scorpions will stick down in dark damp places to nap during the hottest part of the day and come out to hunt at night during the summertime. As temperatures begin to drop in the fall, scorpions look for warm, dry shelter to hibernate. More often than not, homeowners provide the perfect refuge and will have an influx of scorpions. Not only are they looking for a dry warm place to hibernate, but they will also busy themselves to make for a full belly to take their long winters nap.

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