Are Spiders Venomous or Poisonous in San Antonio, TX & What Pests Do They Eat?

When it comes to dealing with spiders most people have a healthy fear. The reason behind the fear can be partially due to society. The fact that everyone knows what arachnophobia is and have seen at least one movie where a spider is causing chaos may be reasons as well. The other idea is that spiders are dangerous and carry venom. The thing is that these all seem like valid reasons to fear a particular pest but you should know more. There are lots of facts about spiders that may help to alleviate some of your fear and be able to understand what their purpose. They have a great purpose and really are an important part of your natural pest control.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Facts About Spiders That May Help You Understand Them Better

Are Spiders Venomous Or Poisonous: When it comes to these two words people use them as if they are the same. The problem is that they are not interchangeable and they each are a problem in a different way. Spiders are not poisonous! Poisonous means that if you were to come in contact by touch, taste or smell you are being exposed to a poison. Depending on the level of poisons it can be extremely dangerous. There is not a spider that fits this criteria. Spiders are in fact venomous. Nearly every single species of spider has venom that is part of their makeup and their defense mechanism. The spiders will use the venom as a way to subdue their prey so they can feed. Spiders are so small, even the big ones, that the amount of venom is not enough to cause any real trouble. There are only a very few species of spider that may require some form of medical attention. Spiders are not aggressive in general and don’t go after a person who is much larger than what they are used to.
Spiders Are Not Aggressive: The movie glorify how aggressive spiders are and that they will come after you. The problem is that this is just not true. Spiders usually live alone and will stay in a spot that is hidden away. They don’t want to be bothered and if they see you coming they are sure to run off. That can cause some concern because now you cant see them but that just proves that they don’t want to go after you. They are happy to live in a corner and feed on other pests in your home.
Spiders Are Natural Pest Control: If you think about pests most people want to keep them out! This does actually include spiders but if you think about all the other undesirable pests, spiders are helping you. Spiders will eat roaches, mosquitoes, flies, clothes moths and earwigs to name a few. The spiders will set up a web and as the other pests fly or walk by will get stuck. This is how spiders get their food.

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