Are Spiders Actually Scary in Somerset, TX? How to Get Rid of Spider Pests in Your Home

Is there a good reason that so many people are fearful of spiders? Some of the reasons why people are fearful of spiders can be because of the movie industry has made some scary pictures. They use them as a villain or the antagonist in the plot. Spiders also are thought to be aggressive and can be dangerous when you come across them. Another reason that people are scared of spiders is because they may be highly venomous. With all these reasons they should not be feared as they are. Some of the things that you might think about spiders are just not true. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists facts about spiders you may not have known.

Are Spiders Aggressive?

When it comes to spiders you might think that they are after you. You might think they are going to come on the attack when you are minding your own business. In actuality spiders are docile and will do what they can to stay out of the way of danger. That means if they see you coming they are sure to run off and hide. They look for gaps and cracks they can run into when they think that they may be stepped on. If you are bitten by a spider the odds are that you were too close and they were not able to get away. They are not likely to have come out of hiding to attack you unprovoked.

Do Spiders have Venom or Poison?

The word venom is not the same as poison. When you use these terms interchangeable you are not using them in the right context. They each have their own way that toxins are used but they are introduced to a person in different ways. Spiders do not have poison. Poison is introduced to a person when you touch, eat or smell something that has a poisonous toxin on it. Simply touching the item is enough to transfer the poison to you. Spiders do not fit the bill. They do have some level of venom that they can inject into the body or an animal or person. The venom has to come from a fang or stinger and is injected in to cause the toxin to take hold. The amount of venom that the majority of spiders have is not enough to kill or hurt a person but only to subdue their food. There are some venomous bites that will require the help of a medical professional but anyone in good health will recover.

What Do Spiders in the House Eat?

The great thing about spiders and a reason that you shouldn’t fear them so much is they are nature’s pest control. They are usually sitting in or around their web or burrow waiting for other pests to come by. They eat all the other pesky pests that might be lurking around your home.

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