Are Peacock Spiders Found in Olmos Park, TX? What is Special About this Small Jumping Spider?

Spiders are not something the majority of the masses find appealing. They are often labeled dangerous, scary and creepy. They are often a prop in Halloween décor and horror movies because of the fear people have towards them. But even the people most intolerant of spiders may make an exception to the littlest of spiders found out in Australia. The people who have noticed these adorable little critters agree that their cuteness has no limits. We, at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to introduce you to the peacock spider.

What Do Peacock Spiders Look Like?

Peacock spiders average 1/8” in size and depending on the species or sub species that consist of 67 members, their coloring, markings, and patterns are all different. These spiders are very distinctive spiders that are all classified into one genus, Maratus and grouped with the Salticidae family. These spiders follow suit with many examples in nature where the females are drab and dull in color where the males, out to hunt for a mate, draw them in with their flashy colors and seduce them with a mating dance ritual. Their little dances can put a smile on anyone’s face. Because they are no bigger than the size of a pencil eraser, if these little monsters decide to bite a person, they are incapable of latching on with their little jaws and the small dose of venom is not a threat to people in the least. Being a jumping spider these little devils don’t spin webs and catch their prey, but much like a lion, they will stalk their prey and pounce; easily taking down prey 3-4 times their size such as crickets and other spiders.

What is Special About Peacock Spiders?

In the Southeast and Southwest areas of Australia, new peacock spiders have been found, among them, the “blue-face”, or the Maratus personatus spider is stealing the spotlight. This spider is named the blue-face peacock spider because of the males bearing a very distinctive bright blue mask on its back. After signaling a female by raising and waiving a single leg, the blue-face spider lures and courts her with the use of his fan-like abdomen that they extends and the beautiful blue mask with its white-colored banding. Other additions include the Electricus spider, named because of the parallel red lines on its back looks that is reminiscent to a circuit board. An easily recognized Cristatus peacock spider due to the resemblance of the Union Jack pattern covered on his back is among the latest discoveries. This new species, much like the plume of feathers that make up a peacock’s tail, has 8 plumes of long white hairs sticking up from its back. Finally, we have the Trigonus spider, he has a unique white crown at the tips of its abdomen; a characteristic that doesn’t appear in other peacock species.

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Though these spiders are adorable, they have yet to be seen in our Texas borders. We have the stereotypical spiders that will often give you the heebie-jeebies. But we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control are readily available to clear your spider and other pest infestations. Call us to schedule an inspection today!

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