Are Palo Verde Beetles Harmful to Humans in Balcones Heights, TX? How Do I Get Rid of Beetle Infestations

If you thought that a cockroach is the nastiest pest that you might come across this summer you are wrong! Although a cockroach is a terrible pest to deal with any time of the year there is another pest that dwarfs the cockroach. It is a Palo Verde beetle! They are a much larger pest that can be a real nuisance to homeowners in the summer months. The problem is that this beetle is so large that most people hear these critters coming before you even see them! If you want to combat pests you need to know more about them to understand what you can do. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what a Palo Verde beetle is and what you can do to keep them away.

What Do Palo Verde Beetles Look Like?

If you are wondering if you are looking at a Palo Verde beetle you should be able to tell fairly simply. They are a very unique beetle and have some behaviors that set them apart from other pests that you might see flying around. If you see a beetle flying around in the day time you are most likely not seeing a Palo Verde Beetle. They are nocturnal and are usually hiding under ground during the day light hours. They come out at night and that is when you see them flying and crawling around. They are dark brown and almost four inches in length with large antennae off the front of the head. If you see one stopped on the ground you may see their hard plated body as well as large pinchers as well. The interesting thing about the Palo Verde beetle is they are outfitted to fly and have fully functioning wings. They are able to fly but they tend to not be very good at it. You may see them flying all around and almost looking like they are flailing around the sky. They might also have a crash landing right near you which would give you a start.

Can Palo Verde Beetles Be Harmful to Humans?

They are a scary looking pest that tend to send anyone running away when they are flying your direction. They look scary but they actually are not out to attack anyone and usually wont try and bite. People that have been bitten or pinched by one of these large beetles are usually trying to pick up or handle them. The beetle will only bite when they are in defensive mode. They are made strong for other reasons. They need to fight for a mate and will have to go against other male beetles to show their strength. That is the biggest reason they are armored and ready for a fight.

How Long Do Palo Beetles Live?

You wont see them around for very long. The Palo Verde beetle has a fairly short lifespan. When you start to see them out in the summer months they are only going to last about a month. The month is not spent eating but trying to find a mate and be able to lay eggs. The larvae is enough to keep them alive while they live this journey for the month. The next time you will see them is when the summer hits again.

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