Are Earwigs Harmful in Elmendorf, TX? How to Get Rid of Earwig Infestations in Your Home & Garden

There are pests that are a problem throughout the whole year. There are some that are a bigger problem in the summer while others are a problem in the cold winter months. One pest that is a problem throughout the year are earwigs. Earwigs get a bad rap from people because what the name suggests. There is an old myth that earwigs will make their way into your ear and burrow in your brain while you sleep. They are not anymore likely to get in your ear than any other pest. In fact they are quite particular about where they live and hide. You need to know more about earwigs so that you can deal with them and decide what you can do to prevent them from invading your house.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains What Earwigs Are & How To Keep Them Out Of Your House

What is an Earwig?: Earwigs are a pest that are easily distinguishable by their characteristics. They are usually black but can vary to a brown and even a red color. They are a flat bodied pest that lays close to the ground. They have a thin body that is long and they move really quick. They also have their most noticeable characteristic which is their pair of pincers. The pincers are found on all males and females. They can be found in groups but more than likely they are alone hiding somewhere.
Where Do Earwigs Live?: You can usually find the earwig based on what they need to live. They require moisture to survive and that means that they are found where this is abundant. Often you will find an earwig in your bathroom, kitchen or under a plant. They need to have the water that is associated with these locations in order to live. They are also likely to be hiding in the day time and will come out at night. They prefer the darkness of the night so that is when you may run into one. When you run to the bathroom on the night you might see one scurry across the floor.
Are Earwigs Harmful?: There are not too many pests that are a problem and can be dangerous to you and your family. Spiders carry venom while mice carry disease but the earwig has not been found to carry either. They are not going to transfer disease to you or your family. They also don’t have a bite or pinch worth worrying about. They are small enough that they are not usually able to even get through the skin. But they can be a nuisance!
How to Prevent Earwigs: You want to be sure that you are doing what you can to get rid of earwigs. They are a pest that you can make some minor adjustments to keep them out of your house. They enjoy moist areas so keeping your laundry picked up and off the floor can prevent them from getting in your bathroom. If you have plants be sure to only water them the right amount so they are not over-soaked.

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