Apocephalus Borealis AKA Zombie Flies & ‘Zombees’ in New Braunfels, TX? Ants, Ladybugs & More

We have all seen shows and movies depicting the brain eating zombies that are sure to end the world. The zombies are using the body of a dead human as their host to get what they want such as brains of the living. The problem with all of these story lines is that they are not real. The zombies are all made up and do not exist in any way. When it comes to zombies there are some species that live on earth that have this type of a situation. There are outside reasons that the zombie like behavior exists.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Zombie Bee, Ant & Ladybug Pests

Zombie Flies Infecting Zombees: There has been cases found in many areas across the United States where bees are seen flying around at night which is completely taboo. They also have been seen flying around erratically as well as toward lights which is a rare occurrence for a honeybee. There is a great reason why this is happening and scientists have figured it out. A fly is out looking for a place to lay their eggs and happen upon a honeybee. The fly will inject their eggs inside the body of the bee. The interaction between the two pests make the honeybee to act out of character. The honeybee will start to act out and within a few hours the bee is found dead. Then a few days after, the larvae of the fly will come out of the body of the bee.
Fungus that Turns Ants into Zombies: The ant becomes a zombie in a much different way but the outcome is so much weirder? The ants are known to work as a colony and each ant is predestined to do a particular job. They never stray from their task and if they do you know there is a problem. An ant that comes into contact with a particular type of fungus spores will be attacked by those spores. The spores will very quickly take over the nervous system of the ant and make it leave the colony. The spores are not on the hunt for brains but a place to start to grow. The ant will abandon their colony in search of a piece or vegetation like a tree or bush. It will then bite into the branch or leaf and stay there while the spores get to work. The spores start their growth right where the ant has latched onto the branch. The new growth then bursts out of the back of the ants head. There have been cases of zombie ants reported in the United States such as in South Carolina.
Parasitic Wasp & Zombie Ladybugs: The ladybug is really quite a lovely pest and you can’t find too many people that want them gone. The ladybug is great for gardens and crops to help get rid of aphids. The aphids will eat away the leaves but any fruit or vegetables that are trying to grow as well. The ladybug is invaded by a wasp that injects one egg inside the ladybug. The bug won’t die and will continue on living its life while the wasp larvae eats away inside the body of the ladybug. As the larvae gets ready to emerge it will stop the ladybug and prepare a cocoon that will come out of the bottom of the ladybug body. The wasp will then emerge and the shell of the ladybug is left behind.

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