Ant Identification of Different Species in Colonies in Helotes, TX; Behavior, What Ants Look Like & More

To properly control ants, you will need to identify them first. Ant behaviors, nesting sites, and diet varies. By knowing what species has invaded your home, the better it helps the pest control specialist to determine the best course of action in treating and controlling the ant invasion. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how professionals identify the different types of ant species found roaming in Texas.

Understanding Ant Colonies

Ants will vary in size, color, shape, and of course, behavior. Ants do share many similar behaviors. All ants form colonies that focus around a queen. Some colonies may even have multiple queens. However, ants may vary on how they collect food. Some species of ant have farms, where they milk sweet dew from aphids. Other grow their food, while others forage, collect, and gather their food.

What Do Ants Look Like?

When identifying ants, their body is broken down into five parts. A professional will look at their antennae, the head, thorax, abdomen (also known as the gaster) and the pedicel or nodes. Each ant body part varies between the other species. Some antennae will have more or less segments and have different positions. The head shape, as well as eye size, and the jaws will vary between each species. The thorax shape and size also vary greatly, along with the abdomen and their color. It often takes a microscope to properly identify each species. However, each body is very unique between each species.

Ant Behavior

A professional can also identify the different species of ant by their behavior, such as how they arrange their foraging trails. Some species will establish different forms of foraging trails. Some may form single lines while others will scatter all over the place. Other behaviors, such as nesting sites, also help determine the different types or species of ant. While many will nest underground, some will nest in dead trees, under concrete, or within homes. Ant hills are also very different from each other. The mounds can form different shapes while some ant species don’t create mounds at all.

Treating Different Ant Species

Why is it important to identify the species of ants? In order to control ants, you need to know what species that is invading a home. To properly treat ants, you need to get to the heart of the nest and the queens. Some species will feed the queens mouth to mouth, meaning the worker ant will feed the queens. With this transferring method, baits are more effective. Some ants bring and store food near the queens, while others bring her dew for better energy. In some cases, the bait never makes it to the queen. At times, the nest may need to be located and directly treated. However, insecticides work well to keep foragers out of the home. Most ants invade home for food. Carpenter ants actually dig their nest inside the wooden framing in your home. To help control ants you will want to prevent feeding them. Keep food waste properly disposed of and the inside of the home clean and never leave food out.

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When controlling ants, there are a number of steps to successfully stop ants from invading your home. When you need help controlling ant and other pests, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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